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Central Sterile Services Departments

On the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) of a hospital or pharmaceutical company, instruments are sterilized and packaged sterile. By this process, the chemical, physical and microbiological safety of the device is guaranteed. The CSSD requires specific demands on the logistics, air management and construction. In the space for packing, unloading and storage, the air quality must be at least equivalent to ISO Class 8.

Besides adequate air management the room also has to meet the requirements of high quality walls, floors and ceilings.

CSSD concept

Cleanroom Combination Group has developed a concept that takes into account these needs and requirements. The wall in the CCG-3 system is constructed with a Metal Stud structure with multiple layers of plasterboard coated with durable Virtuon 3 mm and round stainless steel or powder coated profiles for the wall / wall and wall / ceiling transitions. The integration of technology and window frames is fully refined for a maximum of air density and clean ability.

Flooring and ceilings
For the ceiling one can choose a steel grid ceiling with sealed acoustic panels or a Metal Stud ceiling with CCG cleanroom coating or Virtuon 3 mm for maximum airtightness.
The flooring is finished with a high quality PVC or epoxy coating and skirting integrated in the wall, internal- and external 3D corners and a door connection descending to 0.