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Compounding pharmacies

In compounding pharmacies pharmaceutical products to fit the unique need of a patient are produced under very strict procedures. The production takes place in cleanrooms with ISO classification. The design and realization of a compounding pharmacy put very high demands on the air density and clean ability as well as on the logistics and accessibility.

Architectural concept

Cleanroom Combination Group has developed a concept that takes into account all these needs and requirements. The wall in the CCG-3 system is constructed with a Metal Stud structure with multiple layers of plasterboard coated with durable Trespa Virtuon 3 mm and round stainless steel or powder coated profiles for the wall / wall and wall / ceiling transitions. The integration of technology and window frames is fully detailed for a maximum air density and clean ability. Transport options are created by pass through boxes integrated in the walls.

Ceiling and floor in a pharmacy

For the ceiling one can choose a steel grid ceiling with sealed acoustic panels or a Metal Stud ceiling with CCG cleanroom coating for maximum airtightness.
The floor is finished with a high quality PVC or epoxy coating and skirting integrated in the wall, internal- and external 3D corners and a door connection descending to 0.



Fixed furniture of the pharmacy
The fixed furniture of the pharmacy is produced with Trespa Virtuon or Trespa Toplab and is partly integrated into the wall. Cavities, bad cleanable seams and difficult to reach areas are thereby avoided. Cabinets will be finished into the ceiling so that no dust or "temporary" freight can be collected. Accessories such as shoe storages, dispensers and step over benches complete the cleanrooms.