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In a hotlab, radioactive substance is coupled to non-radioactive substance. The products made or processed, are nursed to a patient. This means that work should be performed according to GMP guidelines and according to the directive radionuclide laboratories (1994 VROM).

Architectural finishing of a hotlab

Cleanroom Combination Group has developed a cleanroom concept that takes these guidelines into account. The wall in the CCG-3 system is constructed with a Metal Stud structure with multiple layers of plasterboard coated with durable Virtuon 3 mm and round stainless steel or powder coated profiles for the wall/wall and wall/ceiling transitions.


Use of lead in walls

The integration of technology and window frames is fully refined, which guarantees air density and makes it easy to disinfect. When working with radioactive substances, the walls and means of transport are equipped with lead where necessary. The processing of lead in the walls requires extra attention to the detailing of windows and integration of technology.

Material airlock (Mal)

The logistic flow is realized by integrated material airlocks and or pass through boxes; if necessary made of radiation-free materials.