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ML3 laboratories

ML3 laboratories are highly airtight, even at high under or over-pressure. The areas and their materials are resistant to regular disinfection with for example hydrogen peroxide (VHP), chlorine or alcohol. The architectural structure can withstand high peak load in the air. The ML3 laboratories of Cleanroom Combination Group comply with the guidelines in Appendix 4 of the GMO Regulations.

Smart details

Divided by the double wall systems with multiple windows and adapted door frames, each room can be cleaned separately and in case of an emergency in one room the processes in the other rooms can continue normally. The integrity and airtightness of walls and ceilings is obtained by the use of quality materials and smart details. Materials such Trespa Virtuon, stainless steel and powder coated steel are used in the CCG ML3 concept.


Walls and ceilings

The wall in the CCG-ML3 system consists of a double construction with multiple separate panels of durable plasterboard whose mutual seams are sealed with Dow Corning silicone kit. The panels are then coated with Virtuon 3 mm. The ceiling in a ML3 environment is a double plated Metal Stud ceiling, also sealed with Virtuon 3 mm, completely airtight. The angles between the wall/wall and wall/ceiling are finished with a quarter round stainless steel corner profile and a 3D corner. The floor is covered with a high-quality PVC or epoxy coating and finished with skirting integrated in the wall, internal and external 3D angles and a door connection descending to 0.

Air density at high under or overpressure

Connecting equipment in walls and ceilings, door- and window frames but also the wall/wall and wall/ceiling transitions are detailed in such a way that it ensures maximum tightness for optimal clean ability. The CCG ML3 concept is tested for integrity and tightness at an under pressure of 675 Pascal and an overpressure of 500 Pascal.