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From advice, engineering and drawings up to and including project management, structural realisation, furnishing and maintenance. Cleanroom Combination Group offers 'room for perfection' for clients in healthcare, pharma and biotech, as well as in laboratories, nuclear, high-tech and other high-tech industries. Cleanroom Combination Group is part of CCG Holding.

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Hybrid OK1 OLVG East in use


Conditioned rooms are - no matter the application - always high-quality rooms that are based on an extensive package of requirements. Cleanroom Combination Group builds cleanrooms, operating rooms and laboratories in various markets.


Cleanroom Combination Group has extensive experience in realising and maintaining cleanrooms.
From detailed advice during the design phase to the physical realisation, as well as service and maintenance after delivery. During the entire process, involvement and communication between client, future users and building team partners is of great importance. Quality and safety are of paramount importance and are guaranteed by ISO and VCA certifications.