The quality and functionality of a cleanroom are largely determined during the design phase (PD/FD).
By clearly defining the working method, flow of goods and people, an optimal facility can be designed.
Before the final design, Cleanroom Combination Group will coordinate the materialisation and detailing on disinfection methodology, integration of technology/components and activities with the client and consultant.
This step prevents changes or adjustments that lead to delays or additional costs after the final design has been adopted.


Building cleanrooms is specialist work

From the engineering and detailing phase, a project must be carried out properly first time. Depending on the function of the cleanroom, we define the right materials and fine-tune details, after which – in close consultation with the customer – the interior work is determined. The classification, application and functionality of a cleanroom determine, among other things, the type of wall and ceiling, whereby the use of disinfectants such as VHP, 70% alcohol and chlorine imposes additional requirements on the building materials.
The wellbeing of the users is an important aspect. By taking into account the use of colour, light and acoustics during the design phase, a sterile room will not only be functional but also a pleasant space for its users.

The process determines the quality

Cleanroom construction according to ISO procedures

Our cleanrooms meet all applicable standards and requirements, such as GMP(z), CGMP in accordance with FDA, ISO-NEN 14644 and 14698, Group 2 NEN-1010 electrical classification, WIP guidelines, WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual. Work is carried out in accordance with GMP guidelines and in accordance with the guideline on radionuclide laboratories.