Service & Maintenance

Maintenance contract guarantees constant quality

The Service & Maintenance department of Cleanroom Combination Group is able to check and keep each high-quality facility up-to-date with minimum downtime of the production process. Regular inspection and maintenance
ensure that the facility continues to comply with the strict requirements set for cleanrooms classifications.

Modification or extension

Apart from the necessary maintenance, adaptations due to process changes or repairs may be desirable. Parts such as air locks, airtight doors or process equipment may need to be replaced due to ageing.

Personnel and projects

The S & O team has extensive experience in a wide range of high-quality facilities. Multi-year maintenance contracts have been signed for OR complexes, production pharmacies, nuclear laboratories, cleanrooms and BSL3 facilities, among others.

Advice and implementation

Adequate advice and professional implementation keep every facility at the desired level.
This is achieved by:
– Technical building survey of the status
– Reporting and advice after the recording
– Maintenance, modifications, small and large renovations
– Maintenance contract with appropriate service level agreement (SLA)
– Drafting a multi-year maintenance plan (MYMP)

Maintenance contract

A maintenance contract is tailored to requirements and formulated in an SLA. This specifies which components are checked and at what frequency, as well as the response time and any stocks.
During the inspection, all structural aspects are checked and a written report is drawn up.
This form of maintenance guarantees constant quality of the facility. The maintenance contract consists of:

– Annual inspection and reporting
– Formulating a plan of action
– Repairs to floors, walls, ceilings and furniture
– Adjustment of rotating parts such as hinges and locks
– Maintenance of transfer cabinets, gas-tight doors, sliding doors and furniture
– Replacement of HEPA filters and grilles
– Cleanroom cleaning
– Validation