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Operating theatres

High-quality, functional, flexible and optimally cleanable

Operating theatres are subject to stringent requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanability, fire and radiation resistance, noise reduction and airtightness.

CCG is involved in operating theatre projects at an early stage in order to contribute and arrive at an optimal design.
High-quality, functional, in accordance with all standards and within the set budget.

From walls to floor finish, ceilings, doors, windows and furnishing elements such as PC cabinets, screen recesses, pass-through cabinets and warming drawers. Architectural elements and installation technology are fine-tuned down to the last detail in a Revit model

Compounding pharmacies

Comply with very strict cleanroom specifications

Compounding pharmacies produce their medicines according to very strict procedures. Production takes place in cleanrooms with an ISO classification. In the design and realisation of a compounding pharmacy, very high demands are placed on airtightness and cleanability, as well as logistics and accessibility.


Chemical, physical and microbiological safety of devices guaranteed

The working method at the Central Sterile Supply Department imposes specific requirements on logistics, air management and construction. In the area for packing, unloading and storage, the air quality must at least correspond to ISO class 8. In addition to air management, this also places requirements on the structural quality of walls, floors and ceilings.

Hot labs

Hot lab design according to GMP guidelines

In a hot lab, radioactive material is linked to a non-radioactive material. The products that are made or processed in the Hot lab are administered to a patient. This means that work must be carried out in accordance with GMP guidelines and in accordance with the directive on radionuclide laboratories.