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ML2/3 lab

Laboratory with flexible interior work

ML2/3 laboratories are research laboratories that work with organisms with an increased risk to health and the environment. The constructional requirements are defined in Annex 4 to the GMO regulation. Due to the rapid developments in research methods, ML2/3 laboratories must be easily adaptable.

BSL3 lab

Design with optimal cleanability

BSL3 facilities are highly airtight, even at high positive or negative pressure. The rooms and the materials used therein are resistant to regular disinfection with, for example, hydrogen peroxide (VHP), chlorine or alcohol. The architectural structure can withstand high peak loads in the air pressure. The BSL3 facilities of Cleanroom Combination Group comply with the guidelines in Appendix 4 of the GMO regulation.

Hot lab

Hot lab design according to GMP guidelines

In a hot lab, radioactive material is linked to a non-radioactive material. The products that are made or processed in the Hot lab are administered to a patient. This means working according to GMP guidelines and according to the guidelines for radionuclide laboratories (1994 of VROM).


Meets the highest standard

Laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems.
(IVF: in vitro fertilisation – PGD: pre-implantation genetic diagnostics)