Pharma / Biotech

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Cleanroom design and installation

Pharmaceutical and biotechnological production and research areas are low-dust areas where biological pollution should be avoided at all times. These rooms are classified according to an ISO class. Among other things, ISO 14644 lays down international agreements regarding the construction, use and cleaning of cleanrooms.

Cleanroom concept

Cleanroom Combination Group has developed a cleanroom concept that takes these requirements into account.
The wall in the CCG-3 system is constructed with a Metal Stud structure with multiple cladding of durable plasterboard,
covered with Trespa Toplab Vertical 3 mm and round stainless steel or powder-coated profiles for the wall/wall and wall/ceiling transitions. The integration of technology and window frames is fully detailed, ensuring airtightness and optimal disinfection. Transport options are created by means of pass-through cabinets and/or goods transfer areas integrated into the walls.

The CCG-6 system is a robust system and can be applied directly to the metal framework, thus avoiding the use of plasterboard. Round stainless steel or powder-coated profiles for wall/wall and wall/ceiling transitions are also used in the 6 mm system.

The Puracore wall system is a modular FM-approved system and VHP-resistant. The standard panels are 12 mm thick and have a core of aluminium honeycomb, covered with coated steel plate or stainless steel.

The CCG metal wall system is made of steel frame. You can choose from plasterboard covered with coated steel plate or stainless steel, or a 10-mm aluminium honeycomb lining panel. Attachment by means of magnets makes it possible to adapt the technology in or behind the wall in a very short time resulting in minimal disruption to the operational processes.

Cleanroom ceiling and floor

The ceiling of the cleanroom can be designed as a suspended ceiling or as a fixed ceiling. The suspended ceiling, whether walkable or not, can be provided with sealed acoustic panels, metal cassettes or honeycomb panels. A fixed ceiling is a Metal Stud ceiling with Trespa Toplab Vertical 3 mm or a PVC lining, for maximum airtightness.
The floor can be finished with a high-quality PVC or a cast floor made of epoxy or PU, flat wall-integrated skirting integrated, internal and external 3D angles and door connections sloping down to 0.

Cleanroom interior work

The cleanroom interior work is produced by Trespa Toplab Vertical and is integrated in the wall. Hollow spaces, poorly cleanable seams and hard-to-reach parts are avoided.
Cabinets are finished all the way up to the ceiling so that they cannot collect dust or ‘temporary‘ goods.
Accessories such as clog racks, dispensers and transfer benches complete the rooms.

BSL3 facilities

BSL3 design with optimal cleanability

BSL3 facilities are highly airtight, even at high positive or negative pressure. The rooms and the materials used therein are resistant to regular disinfection with, for example, hydrogen peroxide (VHP), chlorine or alcohol. The architectural structure can withstand high peak loads in the air pressure. The BSL3 facilities of Cleanroom Combination Group comply with all the guidelines in Appendix 4 of the GMO Regulations.

Smart details

Due to the double partitioned wall system with multiple window frames and adapted door frames, each room can be cleaned separately. In the event of an emergency in one specific room, processes in the other rooms can continue undisturbed. The integrity and airtightness of walls and ceilings is obtained and guaranteed by the application of smart details and high-quality materials, such as Trespa Virtuon, stainless steel and powder-coated steel.

Walls and ceilings

The wall in the CCG-BSL3 system is constructed of double-separated framework with multiple cladding of durable plasterboard, the seams of which are sealed with Dow Corning silicone sealant. The cladding is then covered with Trespa Virtuon 3 mm. The ceilings in a BSL3 environment are double-plated Metal Stud ceilings, also covered with Trespa Virtuon 3 mm and completely airtight. The corners between wall/wall and wall/ceiling are finished with a quarter-circle stainless steel corner profile and a 3D top corner. The floor is covered with high-quality PVC or an epoxy cast floor and finished with flush-to-wall integrated skirting, internal and external 3D angles and door connections sloping down to 0.

Airtightness at high positive or negative pressure

Connection of technology in walls and ceilings, door and window frames as well as the wall/wall and wall/ceiling transitions are so detailed that they guarantee maximum airtightness and optimum cleanability. The CCG BSL3 concept has been successfully tested for integrity and airtightness at a negative pressure of 675 Pascal and a positive pressure of 500 Pascal.