Cleanroom wall systems

CCG metal wall system

The CCG metal wall system is made up of a steel framework that can be disassembled. You can choose from plasterboard covered with coated steel plate or stainless steel, or a 10 mm aluminum honeycomb lining panel. Attachment by magnets allows for the modification of technology in or behind the wall in a very short time, resulting in a minimal disruption of the operational processes.

Modular cleanroom system

The metal wall system can be quickly assembled and disassembled and therefore has a very short construction time. The system consists of glass panels and door frames that can be integrated flush into the wall, round wall and ceiling transitions and floor plinths, resulting in an easy-to-clean whole. Pipes can be integrated into the wall.

Panel finish

Depending on the application, the panel finish consists of galvanized steel with a polyester top coat, stainless steel, or powder-coated aluminum. All comply with class 1 and are non-combustible according to NEN-EN 13501-1. An antimicrobial UPVC can also be used as a finish.