Cleanroom wall systems

CCG10 wall system

CCG10 system meets operating room requirements

The CCG10 system meets all requirements for an OR wall system. The basis of the OR concept is the separation between the architectural wall and the finish. Fire and radiation resistance as well as soundproofing are ensured by the architectural wall. The K3 standard is secured by positioning the wall finish completely free from the architectural wall and by exclusively using non-conductive materials in the construction. Cleanability and hygiene, but also the integration of technology both in and behind the wall, are provided by the application of smart details in the CCG10 system.

OR wall concept

The wall in the CCG10 system consists of a freestanding HPL frame in which technology such as pipes and channels is incorporated. This frame is covered with a 10 mm Trespa Toplab Vertical, which is permanently mounted between the floor and ceiling transition. Adapting technology in or behind the wall can therefore be realized in a very short time and results in minimal disruption of the operational processes.

Integration of technology

In order to keep the OR optimally cleanable, all transitions such as door frames, floor, ceiling and wall transitions and integrated technology such as keyboard panels and dispenser boxes have a rounded construction. Technology such as screens, monitors, whiteboards, but also foil switches are incorporated flush into the wall.