Cleanroom wall systems

CCG6 wall systeem

6 mm Trespa Toplab Vertical cleanroom wall system on Metal Stud substructure

The CCG6 wall system features Trespa Toplab Vertical 6 mm, full coverage and is invisibly mounted on a Metal Stud subframe or metal stud. Trespa Toplab Vertical’s dense, hard surface makes it an ideal wall finish for cleanrooms and operating rooms. The surface is passively antibacterial and offers excellent disinfection properties. The wall system can be designed to be fire resistant, radiation resistant, soundproof and air tight.

Optimal integration of technology

The CCG6 wall system lends itself to optimal integration of technology, thanks to well thought-out and proven detailing.
Cleanroom Combination Group has an extensive package of solutions for the flush integration of door and window frames, ceiling and floor transitions, but also components such as foil switches, control panels, grilles.