Schyns medical care systems

Schyns lighting and accessories

S 120

The S 120 luminaire uses energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps for general lighting and reading light. The indirect general lighting distributes its light evenly throughout the room. The direct reading light can be moved horizontally. This allows the position of the lighting to be optimally adjusted to the situation in the care room; for example, if the bedside cabinet is on the other side of the bed for left-handed people.

S 121

The S 121 luminaire: a fine example of LED technology, providing both indirect general lighting and direct reading light. The housing is very slim and has a hook-in groove on the underside, in which various accessories can be suspended without the need for tools.

Other accessories

  • Modular device carrier
  • Elevated infusion holder
  • DIN rail in various sizes, suitable for mounting on the round side of the Hilton systems and the modular device carrier