Warming drawers incorporated into new ORs MUMC+

In the new operating rooms of the MUMC+ in Maastricht, warming drawers have been incorporated into the walls of the ORs. Due to the ease of use, it was decided in close consultation with the OR department to use drawers instead of a warming cabinet. The warming drawer is built into the walls between the surgeries and has to be filled in the surgical suite. The temperature is adjustable in steps of 0.10°C.

In the hybrid OR that was recently built in the main building, a hot-fill transfer cabinet with interlock has been chosen. This cabinet can be filled from the sterile storage and unloaded in the OR. Both the cabinet and the drawers are made entirely of Trespa Toplab Vertical and are custom made. The drawers are fitted with an easily interchangeable technical part – making maintenance and repair extremely simple – and are supplied with an EC declaration.

Warmhoudlade OK MUMC Maastricht